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L.I.TRA International is specialized in designing and manufacturing of telescopic motorized enclosures for any type of outdoor spaces. Our coverings can be fixed or retractable, hand-driven or motorized, in aluminium, PVC, polycarbonate and plexyglass.
We produce commercial coverings, garden roof awnings, residential awnings, lateral panels for awnings, swimming pool coverings and coverings for conservatories. These are just some examples of our broad offer.

We have developed our own line of covering systems, based on our own technology: the patented systems are called “M.A.N.T.T. and M.A.S.A.W.”, which are synonyms for safety and quality in any weather condition (sun, rain, wind, UV rays, humidity, snow). Moreover, our structures have successfully completed severe seismic tests; therefore, we can assert that our covering structures are aseismic and anti-hurricane.

Garden Roof Sun Awnings offer the perfect covering solution for courtyards, gardens, terraces and balconies. A Garden Roof Sun Awning adds elegance and visual charme to your home at a reasonable price and provides protection from inclement weather conditions.

Telescopic Enclosures and Side Panels are designed for businesses such as restaurants, outdoor bars and pubs. They offer protection from sun, rain, wind, humidity, noise and acoustic pollution, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. They can also be installed in residential buildings, mansions, manors and villas

Commercial Coverings: large structures for large open spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, sport centers, train stations, airports and tourist businesses.

Swimming Pool Enclosures: Cover your swimming pool with our exclusive system! Maintain your pool in optimal conditions, protected from unwanted debris and bad weather. Our swimming pool coverings enhance appearance and add to property value to all clients.They also provide increased and extended season use.

Retractable Enclosures: Retractable Enclosures, Retractable Awnings, retractable Canopies, Retractable Sunrooms and Patio Covers are the one of the best solution for those who wants to enjoy the summer breeze of their garden, deck, terrace or balcony and who wants to stay away from rain, wind, snow and dampness during the winter. With our stylish retractable awnings and retractable enclosures you can enjoy your open space in any weather condition by expanding your sitting arrangement from choosing the vast varieties of our cover system in aluminum and fabric, according to your needs and surrounding match. Our transparent Lateral Panels will also protect you from Sun, Wind, Snow or from any bad weather and let you enjoy the Sun light during the day and moon light during the night.

Retractable enclosures make the most of your patio Retractable and add an additional space to your house or business and increase the value of the property. It's just like creating a new room without incurring the enormous costs of a permanent building and at the same time adding value to your house and embellishing your garden or patio. Retractable Enclosures: protection from sun, UV rays, wind, rain, snow, humidity and noise

Sun:Our superior quality patio covers provide the high protection from sun, UV rays and sun's rays; ideal for sunrooms. In summer retractable awnings are the ideal solution for tourist businesses such as restaurants, hotels, campsites, bars, swimming pools, sunrooms and holiday camps.

Wind:By covering an open space with Retractable awnings you can have your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the open air with some music and without any dust. We have unique designed product called Wind Stop Awnings which is the best solution for the restaurants that is located on the river side or lake side or ocean side, open-aired bars, and cocktails while enjoying the time at the swimming pool edge.

Rain and dampness:With our retractable enclosures and retractable awnings you can enjoy the fresh air of the summer mornings and cool air of the summer evenings without afraid of unexpected showers and dampness. Moreover, it proves to be useful in expanding the space of your restaurant.

Noise:retractable telescopic awnings with lateral panels (retractable enclosure) reduce the outside noise and it is the ideal solution for covering and protecting the tables of restaurants or bars with telescopic retractable awnings.

Retractable telescopic structures and enclosures - Why retractable? Why telescopic?The beauty of the retractable telescopic enclosure and retractable awnings is that gives you the facility of opening and closing the arches which compose the roof up to two thirds of its length, each time the weather changes. A retractable telescopic enclosure can be opened or closed manually or by means of a motorized device, mechanically activated by pushing a button.

Waterproof retractable telescopic awnings, canopies and enclosureour products (retractable awnings, retractable enclosures and retractable canopies) are waterproof and made with the high quality materials and fabrics. It resists rain, snow and keeps the dampness away from terraces, balconies, gardens, patios and boulevards.

Elegant and stylized beautiful retractable enclosures, canopies and roofs.Our retractable enclosures are designed by the team of highly qualified engineers and architects to get the most elegant design in the covering systems (retractable awnings, retractable enclosures, retractable roofs, retractable canopies, telescopic awnings, telescopic roofs, telescopic canopies, canvas awnings, patio covers), suitable for any residential or commercial setting. The interior structure of the retractable awnings and retractable canopies is finished up with an elegant and decorated fabric which adds interior decoration to the cover.

Our Experience and Quality Standard in the telescopic canopies Our experience goes back to 1958 and it has proved to be essential when thinking, planning, manufacturing, installing our products. We also produce every single piece of our structures in our own manufacturing unit and this is the reason why we can guarantee the high quality of our all the products with lowest cost in the industry. All our manufacturing parts tested by the most well-known ISTEDIL Institute. Our teams of structural engineers test our system under the most inclement weather conditions.

Retractable AwningsOur Retractable Awnings provide a perfect solution for furnishing any outdoor space (a patio, a garden, a terrace, a balcony) with elegance and functionality. Whatever the size and the characteristics of the area to be covered, a retractable awning will solve any problem with its versatility.

Retractable and Telescopic Retractable Awnings system is really handy and more suitable in any weather conditions since Retractable Awnings are equipped with a motorized or manual system for opening and closing the covering which makes it very easy to use. Retractable Telescopic Awnings gives shelter from dampness and drafts in winter whereas in the summer it keeps your outdoor space (patio, garden, terrace or balcony) littler cooler and protected from the wind and the sunlight. Retractable Awnings reduces the heat by 30%-40% and convert your outdoor area into an additional room of your property. Retractable Awnings are useful not only for residential areas but they are very useful businesses or commercial property. Retractable Awnings offer protection to restaurants, pubs, bars and any other outdoor hospitality business.

Patio Covers We are the sole manufacturer and installer of the stylist and revolutionary telescopic and retractable Patio covers systems that offer unique solutions for residential and commercial properties including hotels, restaurants, spas, swimming pools, resorts, wedding and outdoor ceremonial service areas as well as for individual homes, apartments and condominiums. Our patio covers provide outdoor dining areas to the restaurants and the catering centers and maximize that area for them in all season long and in all weather conditions, and let their customers to enjoy the pleasant weather.
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