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High quality motorized enclosures
Telescopic Retractable Enclosures, Sunrooms, Sun Canopies, Pool Enclosures, Sun Awnings, Conservatories

L.I.TRA International is specialized in designing and manufacturing of telescopic motorized enclosures for any type of outdoor spaces. Our coverings can be fixed or retractable, hand-driven or motorized, in aluminium, PVC, polycarbonate and plexyglass.
We produce commercial coverings, garden roof awnings, residential awnings, lateral panels for awnings, swimming pool coverings and coverings for conservatories. These are just some examples of our broad offer.

We have developed our own line of covering systems, based on our own technology: the patented systems are called “M.A.N.T.T. and M.A.S.A.W.”, which are synonyms for safety and quality in any weather condition (sun, rain, wind, UV rays, humidity, snow). Moreover, our structures have successfully completed severe seismic tests; therefore, we can assert that our covering structures are aseismic and anti-hurricane.

Garden Roof Sun Awnings or Patio Covers offer the perfect covering solution for courtyards, gardens, terraces and balconies. A Garden Roof Sun Awning and Patio Covers adds elegance and visual charme to your home at a reasonable price and provides protection from inclement weather conditions. Make Your Patio to a beautiful place.

Telescopic Enclosures and Side Panels are designed for businesses such as restaurants, outdoor bars and pubs. They offer protection from sun, rain, wind, humidity, noise and acoustic pollution, ensuring a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. They can also be installed in residential buildings, mansions, manors and villas

Commercial Coverings: large structures for large open spaces such as hotels, shopping malls, sport centers, train stations, airports and tourist businesses.

Swimming Pool Enclosures: Cover your swimming pool with our exclusive system! Maintain your pool in optimal conditions, protected from unwanted debris and bad weather. Our swimming pool coverings enhance appearance and add to property value to all clients.They also provide increased and extended season use.
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