Long lasting Telescopic Enclosures, luxury retractable enclosures, retractable roofs

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Canopies, Covers and Roofs are highly valued by our customers and considered an optimal complement to their businesses.

Telescopic Roofs increase the value of bars and restaurants with outside sitting, creating new external spaces. They also improve the profitability of these businesses by making the most of their open spaces.

Telescopic Roofs and Coverings are produced to avoid the undesirable phenomenon of condensation. Our structures are also fitted for the installation of heating and air-conditioning systems.

Telescopic Canopies offer excellent protection from wind, sun, humidity and noise. They can also possess a snow-melting device to avoid the build up of snow on the roof. When motorised, they can be opened and closed with a simple click. 5 years warranty.

All our structures are made of highly resistant varnished aluminum that never rusts. They can be totally dismantled and no municipal authorisation is required. All materials used have undergone stringent security tests.

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