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When fitted in Awnings, Telescopic Roofs or existing structures, Side Panels (or Side Enclosures) are an excellent system for creating an additional room in businesses such as restaurants, bars or cafes, while at the same time offering protection from wind, rain, sun, dampness and noise.

Our Side Panels create a thermally insulated, comfortable and stylish space. With the Side Enclosures for Telescopic Roofs or Awnings the atmosphere will become more comfortable and you will enjoy the outdoor view protected from rain, sun, wind, humidity and noise.

Our Panels are easily dismantled whenever you want. There is no need for any specific maintenance except for occasional cleaning. Moreover, they do not alter the building’s cubature and therefore no special permit is required for their installation.

Our Panels can be used to enclose terraces, balconies and gardens and they add value to the building where they are installed.

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